Here is what our clients are saying about DogSpark:

"Tess loves her time with DogSpark, she feels right at home and always comes back happy after her own little vacation. Scott is great with animals, you can tell it's really what he loves, would definitely recommend DogSpark!!"- Lindsay / Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA

"DogSpark sets up our pups. They love hanging out with Scott, going for walks, playing in the yard and especially getting treats. No worries with DogSpark, all is good." - Glenn and Bethel / Decatur, GA


“Scott and Ms. Kira have kept watch over my beloved Mr. Neiman, the neurotic weimaraner, since he was a young pup. Neiman is a bit choosey about people in general, but especially men. He loves Scott like family and there's no one I would trust more than him to keep Neims. Scott is a natural with dogs and his sincere passion for animals is palpable. I recommend without an ounce of hesitation!" - Jennifer / Lake Claire, Atlanta, GA


"Scott and DogSpark are the best!!! While traveling we always know that Tule is safe and having a great time with Scott and Kira. We never worry for a second. It is her home away from home." - Jeffrey and Carrie / Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA

799 Marstevan Dr. Atlanta, GA 30306 / Phone: 404-790-7384 / Email: DogSparkFun@gmail.com
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