Rates and Services
Dog Walking / Pet sitting in your home

Each visit contains food/water change, walking, playing, and lots of petting (as well as any pet clean up that is needed) also included is mail pickup, interior light alternation and watering interior plants free of charge. We'll also leave a daily report on how the visit went.

$15 for 20 min visits
$22 for 30 min visits
$30 for 45 min visits
$2 Per additional dog

*$5 is added to all walks and visits during Holiday Dates
Memorial Day Weekend
Fourth of July
Labor Day Weekend
Christmas and New Year

Overnight sitting in your home
With or without pets - $50 – per night flat rate
I stay at your home for the night 8pm to 8am, also includes above visit items. We can stop in to add a visit or adjust these times accordingly.
Private boarding at my home*
$40 and $5 off per additional dog

Includes running and chasing for the dogs that like to run, hikes in one of Morningside’s wildlife preserves, walking in the Virginia Highland neighborhood for some social time, and for special occasions or when it is just needed we take a walk to Paolo’s up the street for a tasty treat for us and them (they get served doggy ice cream), so lots of fun for everyone!
*Since we are inside and they are in bed and on furniture please only clean, indoor dogs that are well socialized with no bad behaviors.
And if your feline (or other critter) friend needs some love we have visits for them too…
Cats $15 for up to 3, then its $2 per additional cat, per visit

Pet Transport
$15 for 30 minutes based on local trips (inside the perimeter).

Add $10 per half hour increments over 30 minutes.

799 Marstevan Dr. Atlanta, GA 30306 / Phone: 404-790-7384 / Email: DogSparkFun@gmail.com
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